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Re: It was probably Arnold...

July 12, 2016 03:00PM
It would be just like him to do something like that.

Explain this to me, Billy_T.... back when I was a kid, or well, perhaps in my early teens, I was having breakfast. Cereal. This was in the days when prizes were included in cereal boxes and the front, back, and side panels reflections of great minds, artists. This particular box, I forget which brand, had a short story on the back of it - a story I have forgotten but the gist of it was that something dreadful had happened... so it stated the dreadful event and then, in parenthesis, added, "It was probably Arnold".. with no explanation of who Arnold was. It just had to be Arnold. So, where the hell am I going with this?

Here: That struck me as funny, then hilariously funny, then snot coming out of my nose couldn't catch my breath clutching my sides funny. And as you see... it's still funny to me today. Why? And that's rhetorical, by the way, because I don't really care 'why' it was so funny to me.... I just wish things like that happened far more often. - JamesJM

That is funny, James. And I can understand the durability of the chuckles. From personal experience, too. For a time, I seemed to be stuck in a clutz loop. The harder I tried to get out of it, the worse it got. Grade school years. Running around the house, I was constantly tripping and putting my foot through basement windows. In my memory, it was dozens of times -- but probably just twice. My father -- me Da, as they say in Ireland -- was not amused.

So, at least for a few years, I was "Arnold." Now I'm just me, the god of all I survey.

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  Did someone push the red button?

Billy_T1070July 12, 2016 01:15PM

  It was probably Arnold...

JamesJM736July 12, 2016 02:50PM

  Re: It was probably Arnold...

Billy_T675July 12, 2016 03:00PM

  Re: Not the red one!! Don't ever push the red one!

Billy_T1535July 12, 2016 02:52PM

  for the younger crowd..... classic Ren and Stimpy button skit

Ramsrule630July 12, 2016 04:57PM

  Re: for the younger crowd..... classic Ren and Stimpy button skit

Billy_T541July 12, 2016 05:33PM