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3 reasons why Stafford could retire after 2024 NFL season…

June 11, 2024 06:28AM
3 reasons why Matthew Stafford could retire following the 2024 NFL Season


Lou Scataglia

The Los Angeles Rams will have to prepare for life without Matthew Stafford at some point. Could that end up being after the 2024 NFL Season? You have to wonder if Stafford and his family have talked about this possibility. He's suffered a couple of major injuries during his NFL career, which is now extending into year 16.

Few QBs in NFL history have dealt with everything Stafford has during his career. He finally captured a Super Bowl title in 2021, his first year with the LA Rams, and after a down year in 2022, LA looks positioned to be a lethal force in 2024. Depending on what happens in the 2024 NFL Season, could we see Matthew Stafford hang it up and call it a career?

3 reasons why Matthew Stafford could retire following the 2024 NFL Season

III: Rams win the Super Bowl in 2024

The best way for any player to go out on top is by winning the Super Bowl. Could Matthew Stafford be the first starting quarterback to go out on top since Peyton Manning? Manning retired following the Denver Broncos Super Bowl 50 victory.

It would be hard for Stafford to pass up retiring if the Los Angeles Rams won their second Super Bowl title in four seasons. It'd be the cherry on top for what would end up being a likely Hall of Fame enshrinement as well. The one downside here is that the LA Rams would then have to go searching for their franchise quarterback, which is much easier said than done.

II: An unfortunate major injury is too great to come back from

I would hate to see his career end this way, but Matthew Stafford has dealt with some major injuries during his NFL career. He's not immune to it and is entering his age-36 season, so he's approaching 40 years old. All it takes is one hit, but man, I want to see Stafford play or another decade.

He won't, and the sad reality is that he could end up missing extended time due to a major injury. At that point, it'd be worth wondering if it'd even make sense to return to the NFL. Stafford is a father and a husband, so for many players, family also does come into consideration when a player mulls the decision.

I: Stafford hits 60,000 passing yards and 400 touchdowns during 2024 season

So currently, Matthew Stafford is 3,953 yards and 43 touchdown passes away from 60,000 yards and 400 touchdowns for his regular season career. Those are Hall of Fame level milestones, and there is virtually no chance he'd be able to hit the 70,000 yard mark or the 500 touchdown mark. He may have two more personal milestones that are realistically available to hit.

The passing yard total is more likely than the TDs, but he did throw 41 in 2021, his first year with the team, so maybe he can squeeze out two more in 2024? Stafford would be the 10th QB in NFL history to hit the 60,000-yard mark, assuming that Aaron Rodgers also does it in 2024. To be one of 10 QBs to do something is a huge boost to his future HOF debate.

Being able to hit 400 touchdowns would make him the 9th QB to ever do it. Being top-10 in perhaps the two most notable individual QB stats would make it hard to keep him out of Canton.

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  3 reasons why Stafford could retire after 2024 NFL season…

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