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All reasonable but he blew it on the defensive line

May 25, 2023 05:01PM
unless it's a type, Brown won't be a DE he will be nose, an A-Gap player,

And no way in the world Donald will be flanked by two DEs...at nose..

Kobie at DE? That is at least possible. Will have to wait and see but
seems more like a 3/4i tech to me.

However, he seems more like he's
going to backup Donald at first. And maybe play inside when Rams go
nickel...with four rushers, two edges and Donald and him...Last year
it was Donald and Gaines for the most part and Gaines, bless him,
was not a good enough rusher to play on third downs...


  Rosenthal predicts starters for all 32 teams.

CROMWELL21141May 25, 2023 04:46PM

  All reasonable but he blew it on the defensive line Attachments

JimYoungblood5375May 25, 2023 05:01PM

  Who's our backup NT Jim?

azramfan39May 26, 2023 05:55AM

  Re: Who's our backup NT Jim?

303034May 26, 2023 06:36AM

  I think Ourlads has the best, as of now, depth chart for DL

JimYoungblood5322May 26, 2023 08:51AM

  Re: Who's our backup NT Jim?

JimYoungblood5326May 26, 2023 09:17AM

  As with Gary Green

Ram4life14May 26, 2023 10:44AM

  Skowronek vs. McCutcheon

LMU9365May 26, 2023 04:44AM

  Re: Skowronek vs. McCutcheon

droopy36May 26, 2023 07:25AM

  Here's what I LOVE about Skowronek. This catch right here.

Ramadune40May 26, 2023 09:08AM

  Great vid Ramadune!

Ramsdude20May 26, 2023 09:16AM

  He's just so slow

Ram4life22May 26, 2023 10:47AM