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Re: the only plan that comes to mind

March 18, 2023 06:57AM
I can't see any logic in allowing the roster to be stripped of productive young players that could be affordably retained. The only 'plan' that comes to mind is to allow the roster to be pillaged so this can be used as an excuse when the Rams go 2-15 this season.

Gotta disagree.

You were referring to Scott, right? Maybe Rapp, too?

Rams have a long history of allowing Safeties to get away and also a good history of finding good and inexpensive replacements.

IOW, this is SOP for these Snead/McVay Rams and was completely expected.

  Nick Scott a Bengal.

CROMWELL21405March 17, 2023 03:16PM

  Re: Nick Scott a Bengal.

CROMWELL2183March 17, 2023 03:26PM

  Re: Nick Scott a Bengal.

Classicalwit54March 17, 2023 07:23PM

  damn nm

21Dog45March 17, 2023 03:30PM

  prob means Rapp to Patriots

JimYoungblood5374March 17, 2023 03:35PM


ferragamo79159March 17, 2023 03:59PM

  Gee, I really wonder now.

NewMexicoRam106March 17, 2023 04:08PM

  Can "He Hate Me" still play???? LOL nm

Ramgator56March 17, 2023 05:45PM

  Stafford to play two way

L.A.Rams55March 17, 2023 08:59PM

  I also hear he might play Center too!!

Ramgator42March 18, 2023 03:08AM

  Re: Nick Scott a Bengal.

Ramstien48March 18, 2023 03:16AM

  Re: Nick Scott a Bengal.

CarolinaRam35March 18, 2023 05:47AM

  the only plan that comes to mind

L.A.Rams57March 18, 2023 06:31AM

  Re: the only plan that comes to mind

Rams4366March 18, 2023 06:57AM

  Re: the only plan that comes to mind

stlramz22March 19, 2023 07:16AM

  Gotta agree here

Ram4life41March 18, 2023 09:45AM

  Re: Gotta agree here

Ramstien31March 18, 2023 11:29AM

  Re: Gotta agree here

Ram4life43March 18, 2023 01:27PM