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Re: More BonifayRam…

March 18, 2023 12:07AM
Here’s BonifayRam…

The best fix I can come up with on the LT post to beef & power it up from what it was early last season is to go with Alaric Jackson in OTA's & training Camp as #1. AJ should be the strongest & healthiest of the two Jackson/Noteboom.

Takes the pressure off on Noteboom after that bad injury he had in the 6th gm. Let him work with team #2. I want Noteboom back to where he was when Whitworth went down in week #17 in 2021. His performance subbing for Whitworth @ LT ....from that point was at an all-pro level performance until he was injured again late in that final NFC Championship game. If you rewatch what he was able to do during that time I can see why the Rams Org took a chance on him in spite of his very bad injury history.

Bottom Line I believe Noteboom deserves a chance to easily get himself back into playing shape over time with no rush if Jackson (or TY Nsekhe if resigned which is my strong hope) can do the heavy lifting @ LT. If there's an injury to Jackson then it's Noteboom's opportunity to come in & then show us what he has been able to do since his disaster in 2022.

If the Rams were to sign UFA veteran Ty Nsekhe he could take AJ's position in my above post & then OL Coach Wendell can insert Jackson in as starting LG & the left side is fixed as well as it can be ....being with the cap situation.

Wow, I just dont see how anyone can still hold out hope that Noteboom is going to suddenly become a serviceable NFL tackle.

He was not good playing guard before the achillies tear. I don't want him there, I seen enough, and history dictates that the kiss of death to a LT is an achillies tear. They just don't rebound after that.

It's pretty sad to think that we better sign Ty Nsekhe or we could be worse off this year than last on the OL.

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  I see Noteboom as the swing/backup tackle

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  If true, why was Bruss taken so high in the draft?

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