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My ONLY regret about that road trip...

January 24, 2023 06:59AM
I ALMOST got a seat in the endzone, second row. Kupp would have been running RIGHT at me where that seat was. What swayed me not to was the cost and MORE SO......... I did NOT want to sit right in front of that $^%$$ Pirate Ship and hear the #$#$@$$ cannons at point blank range. But DANG!!! That would have been one helluva point of view for that catch.

The plus side to where I WAS sitting....VERY top of NE corner...I could see Kupp pulling away before it was spotted on TV. The second that ball left Stafford's hands, I TRIED to yell KUPP!! KUPP!! but I was so cold and excited, I THINK it came out as.. Kuoooahhh KU HE CAUGHT IT!! KUUUUU...HELL YEAH!! All with a quiver in my voice because I tell ya... I was FREEZING way up there!

  This time last year........

Ramgator198January 23, 2023 03:42PM

  Re: This time last year........

Ekern5552January 23, 2023 04:39PM

  Re: This time last year........

oldschoolramfan35January 24, 2023 05:32AM

  Most important play of that game..

sstrams37January 24, 2023 05:56AM

  My ONLY regret about that road trip...

Ramgator24January 24, 2023 06:59AM

  Re: Gator....I LOVE that story!

oldschoolramfan17January 24, 2023 02:46PM