January 22, 2023 07:46AM
Well, that's looking pretty far ahead. Isn't their like a whole free agency, a whole draft, a training camp, 17 regular season games, hopefully 4 playoff games, another free agency period and then this loaded draft of yours?
In 2024 we might have a whole new staff and half our current players will be former Rams. Our current team has some Superstars, some solid players, some mediocre players and some
New unknowns on it. So far, it looks like we have all of our picks for 2024 including our first. Sure, we could keep in mind that that draft might be a good one while making interim moves, but we're in the unique position of having aging superstars who want to win a SB right now. We're still reigning champs for another 3 weeks. I think worrying about the 2023 draft is premature. The 2024? Not on my radar.

  24 draft class looks to be stacked

dodgerram246January 22, 2023 04:26AM

  Re: 24 draft class looks to be stacked

SoCalRAMatic82January 22, 2023 07:46AM

  Re: 24 draft class looks to be stacked

dodgerram74January 22, 2023 08:06AM