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Re: "Putting them in the Hospital on Every Play"

April 05, 2012 05:06PM
every time i hit him thats where i wished he would end up.

you cannot protect anybody on the football field.

Qb needs a great offensive line, if they can't protect him i resent you changing the rules to protect him.

you get self protection when you step across the line.

you think qb's would complete all those passes if it wasn't for all these rules.

i still think that Johnny Unitas is the greates qb ever.

The game and the new rules make me sick, sick.

You paying him 20 million dollars then you handcuff me to keep me off his butt.

If I live a thousand years i would never accept that, never.

The qb should be embarrassed to accept it.

  "Putting them in the Hospital on Every Play"

stlramz1888April 02, 2012 09:02PM

  Re: "Putting them in the Hospital on Every Play"

Deacon Jones1089April 05, 2012 05:06PM