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Re: potential from greatness

April 05, 2012 05:00PM
hardwork. potential ain't gonna get you nothing but a lot of bonus money. it will fool you for awhile but it ain't gonna last.

Repetition and hard work every day of your life is whats going to cut the mustard.

Players today can't figure out why they're not succeeding. You're not committed.

We sent guys like that home with a good spanking.

We took care of our own. guys come in making a lot of money think they're gonna run the joint but you gotta tow the line and i'll beat you like you stole a government mule.

Then pass you on down the line so Merlin, Lamar and Rosie could get a piece of you.

  potential from greatness

Shaky2184April 02, 2012 01:47PM

  Re: potential from greatness

Deacon Jones1364April 05, 2012 05:00PM