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The Brady Bunch

March 31, 2012 05:35PM
I was going to ask you if it was some sort of contract stipulation that the Rams slipped in on you that caused you to appear in an episode of the Brady Bunch in ’71, and why Merlin (God rest is soul) never had you on for an episode of Father Murphy (lol) - but since this is a football forum, I’ll stick to the gridiron . . .

It was because of you and your 3 compadres on that d-line in ’67, the next to last game of that regular season beating the Packers (who had astronaut-like hero status to many young lads that I knew at that time), and then facing the Packers again for the conference championship a week before the Ice Bowl that made me a Rams fan. So thank you, so very, very much for that.

My question is – if the current playoff seeding was in effect during that ’67 post-season, do you believe in your head, as opposed to your heart, that our Rams would have beaten Green Bay and then Dallas, given both games would have been played in LA, to make it to Superbowl II ? And please let us know how that Superbowl would have ended if it wasn’t the Packers that went.

{p.s. I loved the Brady Bunch back in ’71 and it was one of the longest 7 days of my young life waiting to see you on TV because we didn’t see much of the Rams in Connecticut in the 60’s & 70’s – and you did not disappoint, sir}

It completely blows my mind that you’re doing this chat for us. Thanks for the memories Deacon. Love you man.

  The Brady Bunch

george_allen1579March 31, 2012 05:35PM