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Re: thanks so much, Deacon

April 05, 2012 04:49PM
well, how do you measure toughness. each one of those guys with the exception of charlie are HOF's.

You ain't gonna come at me by yourself, i was too quick and too fast.

I have a lot to be thankful for for playing against those guys.

Gregg had the best technique in the game next to munoz.

I pride myself like ray charles. he was born to sing the blues i was born to pash rush.

i only had one thing in mind complete destruction of the opposite.

That was the only thing that was important.

We never came off the field. If we were up 30 we tried to go up 60.

you don't learn this game sitting on the bench. i dunno what they're doing these days.

Now they have to have rest breaks and this and that i wish they would have told Allen that before he retired.

  thanks so much, Deacon

21Dog1835March 31, 2012 05:59AM

  Re: thanks so much, Deacon

Deacon Jones1055April 05, 2012 04:49PM