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LA and St. Louis

March 31, 2012 03:03AM
Hello Deacon, truly an honor.Being an original Ram fan from the mid 60's I find it disheartening that the St. Louis Rams seem to distance themselves from the LA Rams.I understand that fans in St. Louis may not care about Los Angeles Rams but they have older fans like myself all over the country that cherish you and former players that turned us into the Ram crazies we are today.Has anyone from the current organization reach out to you or others about getting you involved in any type of fan day,ceremony or anything of the sort?I don't think our childhood heroes of yesterday are being treated fairly today.Your thoughts?Yes I had a blue and white 75 jersey growing up.Thank you for being a great Ram and role model, Tony

  LA and St. Louis

tony sopRAMo1855March 31, 2012 03:03AM

  Re: LA and St. Louis

Deacon Jones1150April 05, 2012 04:44PM