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Re: Deacon Jones My Childhood Idol

April 05, 2012 04:39PM
if they stupid enough, somebody snitched anyway. that had no business coming out of the locker room. We got paid incentives not bounties. if i lift a bounty on your head you're going to the hospital sucker.

if you got hurt that was your problem. i guess in today's world incentives are bounties. This is a beautiful game if you're tough enough to play it, go play it. if you're not go home and get a job. Don't complain about it. I use to like to beat rookies up, to toughen them up.

Up and down the field they go throwing passes and scoring td's. the game has changed so much what about defense. I love this game, Rosey loves this game and we tried to play it with pride but the rules have changed so much for these qb's so they can make 40, 50 million a year.

Boy I wish I could comeback now this would be the easiest money i ever made in my life. It upsets me what has been done to the game.

any idiot that gets caught deserves the punishment. Godell did what he had to do. If you made a tackle inside the 20 yd line you maybe made an extra 25.00 or 100.00 because that helped field position.

Wasn't like putting a hit on somebody. I ain't gonna hit you no harder for money than i would for free.

The Harrison kid in Pittsburgh game is all messed up now because of the new rules. With the new rules in place now I could complete a pass.

  Deacon Jones My Childhood Idol

Ram Rock1912March 30, 2012 05:55PM

  Re: Deacon Jones My Childhood Idol

Deacon Jones1091April 05, 2012 04:39PM