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Not a friendly board

October 03, 2019 07:11PM
.i will say my parting shots with respect. I’ve been a Rams fan all my life. I’ve posted consistently every game sine I been a member of the board. My comment which got me crucified was ‘ I don’t think Goff is clutch in 2 minute drills’ yet I said he played well in this game. And I also said I was hoping to eat my words as the Rams had a second chance late in the game. That’s how I felt and the Rams haven’t won many games when playing from behind. It wasn’t all on Goff but a combination of things that contributed to the loss. So now a bunch of posters want me banned from the forum. On a side note, I have never been disrespectful and even gave contribution $ to the Herd. I’ll leave it at that. Kinda shocked at the vitriol but whatever...

  Not a friendly board

Deadhead Ram128October 03, 2019 07:11PM

  Heartbreaking losses do that to a board

Ram_Ruler55October 03, 2019 07:30PM

  Don't even think about not posting anymore..

sstrams24October 12, 2019 11:49AM