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I have every bit as much faith in Brown

September 15, 2019 02:02PM
Time to take over the game, we all know you can do it !!!

In fact, between the tackles, I like Brown more.

  Come on TG

mexram58September 15, 2019 02:00PM

  That would definitely ease my anxiety level. (nm)

JamesJM9September 15, 2019 02:01PM

  Yeah, we need to milk this thing..

sstrams12September 15, 2019 02:02PM

  I know it's probably the wrong thing to do...

JamesJM12September 15, 2019 02:03PM

  Agreed at least with some pitch and catch

Ram_Ruler8September 15, 2019 02:04PM

  I really don't wanna see..

sstrams7September 15, 2019 02:04PM

  I have every bit as much faith in Brown

Suh-weet!12September 15, 2019 02:02PM

  You'll likely see more brown.

Ram_Ruler10September 15, 2019 02:03PM