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Peters taunting penalty.

September 08, 2019 11:15AM
Zeurlin probably makes field goal if they didn’t lose 15.

  Peters taunting penalty.

sfbayram207September 08, 2019 11:15AM

  Re: Peters taunting penalty.

Rams4378September 08, 2019 11:19AM

  That bonehead play almost cost us a W

stlramz76September 08, 2019 11:22AM

  +1. nm

RAMbler53September 08, 2019 11:24AM

  Yup. Terrible. Completely unnecessary.

Suh-weet!69September 08, 2019 11:26AM

  Re: Peters taunting penalty.

Classicalwit67September 08, 2019 11:29AM

  Callling those time outs at the end of the first half cost them 3 points as well

RamBum86September 08, 2019 11:37AM