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Just a few thoughts....

March 23, 2020 09:55AM
1-maybe rearrange your work space

2-work as you would at work

3-plan your day as you would at work..the things you need to get done, and do them

4-take a mid morning break...go outside take a walk for 10-20 minutes

5-take a mid afternoon break and do the same or mess around with the dogs

6-finish up your days planned work

7-make a nice dinner and enjoy it with your wife...even if you're not a great cook it's easy to grill a steak, make a salad together with her, it's easy to steam up some veggies....

What I wouldn't do

1-look at any clocks

2-stay away from the fridge

3-don't watch TV

  Seriously.. I'm bored ****less....

sstrams35March 23, 2020 08:23AM

  Re: Seriously.. I'm bored ****less....

IowaRam13March 23, 2020 08:45AM

  "I'm board"??????

Ramgator13March 23, 2020 08:52AM

  If only I had a 2x4 now..

sstrams9March 23, 2020 09:48AM

  I'm fortunate... I don't get bored with reading....

JamesJM11March 23, 2020 09:00AM

  Just a few thoughts....

roman1814March 23, 2020 09:55AM

  Thanks.. definitely not watching TV..

sstrams14March 23, 2020 10:03AM

  Wait a minute

waterfield16March 23, 2020 12:34PM

  Say what?

sstrams14March 23, 2020 12:49PM

  Tugging on my collar like Rodney!!!! LOL nm

Ramgator10March 23, 2020 04:20PM

  He was the best...

sstrams11March 23, 2020 04:32PM

  Re: Seriously.. I'm bored ****less....

Arkansas Ram11March 23, 2020 04:35PM

  That sounds seriously familiar...

sstrams10March 23, 2020 04:39PM

  Re: That sounds seriously familiar...

Arkansas Ram9March 23, 2020 04:48PM