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March 23, 2020 08:20AM
yes, it should be downwind from most winds we get.. but, i haven't smelled a thing yet, but its still very young - two years.. We have an association that cuts the grass, although I hafta do the hedges.. Wouldn't matter if I mowed - I'd still hafta pay the association fee, so I let them mow and edge.. I'm allergic to cut grass anyway..

Definitely not cutting my tree down, tho.. its in remembrance of our two Beagles that have passed.. I originally planted another tree that has white flowers - can't remember the name - but I only got it because the dude at the tree place misunderstood what I wanted and I didn't know what a Bradford Pear tree was.. I just told him I wanted a tree with white flowers like the ones that were ALL OVER town and he hooked me up with the wrong tree.. It was doing well until the yard people cut the trunk while weed eating and those trees were very delicate and it died..

I actually ordered the Bradford Pear tree online and had it delivered cross country lol.. amazingly it has grown 4 feet already and the few days it has white leaves is a nice remembrance of our two Beagles..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  The smells of Springtime.....

roman1831March 23, 2020 04:27AM

  Uh oh... Attachments

sstrams14March 23, 2020 05:09AM

  Do a Todd Gurley and cut it.....lol...

roman1813March 23, 2020 07:51AM


sstrams11March 23, 2020 08:20AM

  I dig the rememberance deal....

roman1811March 23, 2020 09:37AM

  Well, part of the reason..

sstrams9March 23, 2020 09:44AM

  Re: Well, part of the reason..

BlueRidgeHorns11March 24, 2020 02:51AM

  Well, I've got that to look forward to..

sstrams11March 24, 2020 04:46AM