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C'MOOOOON!!! Live on the edge!! MY Wife????

March 19, 2020 08:19AM
We both graduated from Robert E Lee Sr High, here in Jacksonville C/O 1985 (Same School the boys from Skynyrd went to!!) AAAAAANYWAY, thought we graduated the same year, I tell people that I graduated from Robert E Lee and that my Wife graduated WIIIIIIIIITH Robert E Lee!!! STILL don't understand the evil looks from her!! LOL

  Today is my wife's birthday!

BlueRidgeHorns44March 19, 2020 02:49AM

  Oh hell no!

sstrams16March 19, 2020 04:10AM

  Re: Oh hell no!

21Dog16March 19, 2020 05:38AM

  Well, yeah, didn't think about that..

sstrams14March 19, 2020 06:41AM

  Congrats to your wife....

JamesJM14March 19, 2020 06:46AM

  My birthday is March 27!

BlueRidgeHorns12March 19, 2020 08:01AM

  See? I've only been married..

sstrams13March 19, 2020 08:11AM

  Your marriage is just beginning

waterfield18March 19, 2020 09:06AM

  You are a God, waterfield...

sstrams12March 19, 2020 09:33AM

  C'MOOOOON!!! Live on the edge!! MY Wife????

Ramgator15March 19, 2020 08:19AM


BlueRidgeHorns10March 19, 2020 08:42AM

  You get a black eye from that, Gator?

sstrams14March 19, 2020 09:44AM


Ramgator14March 20, 2020 08:48AM

  Now? Or when he was young?

sstrams12March 20, 2020 11:51AM

  First day working from home

waterfield23March 19, 2020 12:07PM

  Re: First day working from home

SeattleRam18March 21, 2020 06:44PM

  I'll be 54 on March 30th

ferragamo7916March 21, 2020 05:40PM