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November 01, 2019 12:55PM
I retired 6 years ago at age 62 with 34 years at AT&T. I had always planned on retiring at 65 but in 2013 AT&T made an offer that made my pension and 401K pots pretty sweet. My financial advisor said I'd be an idiot not to take it, so I did and I've never looked back. Leaving when I did was one of the best things I've ever done. Two months later I began having health issues that culminated in bladder cancer and surgery. Most of you know all about that. Then a year later, I was diagnosed with a type of breast cancer. There's no way I could have worked while dealing with all of that. Before I retired, I thought RAMbeau and I would take a couple of vacations a year, maybe a cruise or two. Well, nothing about my retirement has gone the way I thought it would go. I'm not complaining. Just saying that the things I thought I'd do, didn't happen... life had other plans. But, we've learned to just go with the flow and ride the waves when they come. So far, we're doing just fine.

It's true what they say. I don't miss the job. But I do miss my co-workers. A couple of months ago, my old boss (who lives in Atlanta) contacted me by email to say he was going to be in St Louis on business and wanted to invite me to join him and some of my former co-workers for lunch. I never see anybody or talk to anybody from work anymore so it was a nice treat to meet up with them and visit for a while.


  I need to retire...

sstrams155October 28, 2019 11:07AM

  I retire from JFRD in 1 yr and 8 months. I'll be 54.

Ramgator59October 28, 2019 02:43PM

  Good for you buddy! Enjoy life!

ferragamo7945October 29, 2019 07:56AM

  That's awesome, Gator...

sstrams41October 29, 2019 04:14PM

  A paid for house is awesome.

Ramgator58October 29, 2019 06:03PM

  Yeah, its nice..

sstrams43October 30, 2019 03:11AM

  happy for you, Gator

21Dog42October 30, 2019 03:56AM

  Thank you.

Ramgator45October 30, 2019 04:34AM


MamaRAMa48November 01, 2019 12:55PM

  Re: I retire from JFRD in 1 yr and 8 months. I'll be 54.

Aries56November 01, 2019 12:22PM

  man I don't know how you do it

ferragamo7942October 30, 2019 07:11AM

  Sheer will power, '79..

sstrams41October 30, 2019 09:07AM

  I semi-retired from my band some years ago....

JamesJM53October 30, 2019 11:06AM

  You should do your..

sstrams42October 30, 2019 02:30PM

  Good grief Steve that was a Laurel and Hardy routine...

JamesJM41October 30, 2019 03:09PM

  Jimmy that makes you a hero..

sstrams40October 31, 2019 03:01AM

  RELAX everyone! I am SST's back up!

Ramgator41October 30, 2019 02:47PM


sstrams40October 30, 2019 02:58PM

  Just switch to playing Folk Music

Aries56November 01, 2019 12:55PM

  That would solve it..

sstrams42November 01, 2019 01:19PM