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RIP Ginger Baker....

October 06, 2019 06:30AM
As a drummer myself... I think Baker was 'probably' the first mega-star drummer in the rock genre. Every drummer I knew 'back then' had every LP he drummed on and tried to mimic every note that he ever played.

I doubt if there are any of the most famous drummers that came later that did not follow Baker's lead. Sad news, his passing. - JamesJM

  RIP Ginger Baker....

JamesJM157October 06, 2019 06:30AM

  Re: RIP Ginger Baker....

21Dog27October 06, 2019 08:00AM

  Definitely a legend...

sstrams28October 06, 2019 08:02AM

  a little more Ginger

21Dog41October 07, 2019 04:31AM