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Re: I feel like it’s been done already

October 06, 2019 05:06PM
Atlantic Ram
But I don’t really know what the premise is. But in my head it’s a “troubled guy turned bad by society” movie. FWIW I think that’s the kind of movie that can really allow an actor to shine (harking back to our best actor thread).

Phoenix already kind of creeps me out. Just not a fan and I can’t separate him from the character so I won’t buy in to the character.

He was the only thing good about the movie imo....good story, it just went along way too slowly


  No Joker reviews yet???

Rampage2K-87October 05, 2019 03:25PM

  We've seen extended previews..

sstrams40October 05, 2019 07:24PM

  Re: No Joker reviews yet???....just back from seeing it

Rampage2K-54October 05, 2019 09:21PM

  The weird thing is..

sstrams44October 06, 2019 06:27AM

  I was kinda on the fence with this one

IowaRam56October 06, 2019 04:30AM

  I feel like it’s been done already

Atlantic Ram36October 06, 2019 02:59PM

  Re: I feel like it’s been done already

Rampage2K-51October 06, 2019 05:06PM