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I never received any action figures as a kid...

September 10, 2019 05:14AM
I just wasn't geared that way... I think. Can't say for sure, of course, had I got one perhaps I would have developed a desire for them.

Most of my gifts, as I recall, were in the 'construction' category... building sets, that sort of thing... ALTHOUGH... the greatest, biggest, gift I ever got as a kid was:

A Slide.... built at Orlando's Hardware, (local welding business). I have an old movie, 16mm, of that birthday and I think every kid in my home town attended... a personal slide was unheard of in those days. Yes, we had them at school... but a slide at your home? I was revered as a King at the birthday. laughing smiley

  Major Matt Mason

IowaRam52September 09, 2019 07:57PM

  Loved The Major.. Attachments

sstrams14September 10, 2019 03:06AM

  I never received any action figures as a kid...

JamesJM18September 10, 2019 05:14AM

  Was it one of those big metal ones ?

IowaRam12September 10, 2019 07:49AM

  You bet...

JamesJM12September 10, 2019 07:52AM

  We did that, too..

sstrams11September 10, 2019 08:54AM

  As the baby...

Atlantic Ram13September 10, 2019 08:42AM

  We never had a swing set as a kid

IowaRam8September 10, 2019 05:50PM

  Well, pardon my critique but...

JamesJM8September 10, 2019 06:03PM

  Oh , i didn't miss out on those either

IowaRam13September 10, 2019 06:20PM

  My Brother had ol Major Matt. That green alien guy......

Ramgator14September 10, 2019 09:50AM

  I still have that Green Alien Guy (named Calisto) somewhere.. Attachments

sstrams10September 10, 2019 01:15PM

  Re: I still have that Green Alien Guy (named Calisto) somewhere..

IowaRam9September 10, 2019 06:35PM

  My Brother was born in 1961. I always thought he came up with MUCH cooler toys.

Ramgator14September 10, 2019 09:54AM

  Iowa here's a great site about Major Matt Mason..

sstrams11September 10, 2019 01:18PM

  Would be great if the movie was set in the 1960's

IowaRam12September 10, 2019 06:16PM

  The swing set is long gone

IowaRam12September 18, 2019 04:41PM

  Re: The swing set is long gone

waterfield8September 18, 2019 06:52PM