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Hey Iowa! US Navy waiver question.

September 09, 2019 04:08AM
Did you know anyone who had to go through the waiver process to get in and how long did it take? My Son had a issue with high pitch sounds in his left ear at MEPS. We did a follow up, essentially saying he does NOT need a hearing aid. Recruiter said it could take 2-4 weeks, while I have heard stories of MONTHS. I assume it depends on the job?? My Son wants to be an Electrician.

  Hey Iowa! US Navy waiver question.

Ramgator40September 09, 2019 04:08AM

  An electrician?

sstrams35September 09, 2019 04:20AM

  LOL Sorry????

Ramgator34September 09, 2019 04:35AM

  Re: Hey Iowa! US Navy waiver question.

IowaRam33September 09, 2019 07:32AM