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Ok, I've calmed down.. USC vs my Bulldogs...

September 04, 2019 03:59PM
OH, and 21Dog's Bulldog's... BTW... 21Dog is a MUCH MUCH MUCH better fan of the Dogs than I am.

HATED the result... yet feel convinced this will be a great year for our Dogs, 21Dog and I.

A bit perturbed that the Bulldogs made almost no attempt, (they made a small one), to get Sean Chambers from Kerman and who is now the #1 QB for Wyoming. I'm not convinced, as yet, that Fresno is going to target 'local talent'... and that grates on me. Some in the know, however, and they should know better than me.. swear they WILL be doing so... we'll see.

Here's me and the NCAA... I attended this last year's NCAA Championship game between Alabama and Clemson... rooted for Clemson. THIS YEAR... not a chance I'm rooting for Clemson, OR Alabama. I'm rooting for Oregon, who most likely doesn't have a chance in hell.

I should explain my rationale for choosing favorite Colleges - I have none.. it's all gut feeling emotion. Other than the Dogs, of course. - JamesJM

  Ok, I've calmed down.. USC vs my Bulldogs...

JamesJM45September 04, 2019 03:59PM

  re. the local guys

21Dog40September 06, 2019 05:55PM