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My old Elementary School building

August 26, 2019 08:49PM
still standing

This ie where I went to school from 1st grade thru 6th grade

the first video , if you jump ahead to the 4:00 mark is our Gym , spent alot of time in there , had alot of great Kenner SSP racers on that floor at recess , but we would always get in trouble because the boys were suppose to stay on one side and the girls on the others , but we always had to cross the line to retrive our SSP's..............lol

hard to imagine , but those hallways and classrooms used to be full of kids


  My old Elementary School building

IowaRam76August 26, 2019 08:49PM

  Eerily similar to mine..

sstrams29August 27, 2019 02:45AM

  I was nearly always in 'new' schools...

JamesJM29August 27, 2019 06:20AM