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Re: very interesting

August 09, 2019 06:06AM
We take the same route you do coming back from Sacramento. Hardly ever drive straight home on the 5 unless we need to save time. Stop over along the coast for a night and running Pepper on the beach late in the afternoon and early the next A.M. Just last week we we spent a few days near Moss Landing. Actually in a small house in Watsonville where you could walk down a farm path to a wide open beach with no one around. Dog heaven.

  James Dean crash

waterfield57August 08, 2019 08:06PM

  very interesting

21Dog35August 09, 2019 05:52AM

  Re: very interesting

waterfield18August 09, 2019 06:06AM

  September 30, 1955

JoeMad18August 09, 2019 07:53AM