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Football... sanity has returned...

August 06, 2019 05:35AM
you old timers know this well - play calling used to be rational, it made since. The number of the RB getting the ball, the hole he would exploit... so it would go something like:

I Right 21 Dive. Or a bit more complex - I Right 34 Counter. Then came the poets.

Aces Right Jet Colorado Fly Cannonball.

They lost me.

My last year coaching was a few years ago and this new 'poetic' nomenclature was in full swing. Took me an entire summer to get it down, and even then during season I'd find myself scratching my head a lot.

Went to practice last night and to my delight I heard a coach calling out familiar, and comforting words - "I Right 21 Dive". Yup... what went around has come back around.

Now I only have to get with the all new cheerleader cheers.... what the heck was wrong with "1st and Ten Do It Again, 1st and Ten Do It Again, 1st and Ten Do It Again"?

  Football... sanity has returned...

JamesJM39August 06, 2019 05:35AM

  We're getting a new Gymnasium Attachments

IowaRam25August 06, 2019 03:41PM

  That's good news... so are we.... BUT....

JamesJM26August 06, 2019 08:04PM