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2 things:

June 03, 2019 08:08PM
1) my friend across the street (the big Saints fan and works for Ferrari) was part of the Ferrari crew in the race at Le Mans. He was featured in the movie about the race with Steve McQueen. Naturally he puts no stock in the Ford victory.

2) my closest friend and dive buddy owns a Ford GT. Scary fast and sooooo difficult to get in and out of. Identical to the one that won at Le Mans. But you would not want to take a leisure trip in it. The engine sits at the back of your neck and to get out of the thing you have to first fall on to the pavement and then use the car to stand up. But it is beautiful and looks just like the opening scene in the trailer.

  Ford Vs Ferrari - Official Trailer

IowaRam53June 03, 2019 07:43PM

  2 things:

waterfield35June 03, 2019 08:08PM

  A tangent...

JamesJM37June 04, 2019 03:44AM

  Re: A tangent...

waterfield27June 04, 2019 12:59PM