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Godzilla King of the Monsters - Wow

May 31, 2019 12:13PM
if you are fan of Godzilla or Kiju movies.. run to see this movie

It is a spectacle ... I took my 10 year old son and wife to see it last night. Honestly as a Godzilla fan I was blown away

Rodan's entrance is spectacular, King Ghidorah man o'man, Mothra - a giant moth.... really? Very cool design great job on that. And Godzilla is a beast ...the ending is epic.

Fun fun fun movie. Summer block buster... you betcha!


  Godzilla King of the Monsters - Wow

Speed_Kills87May 31, 2019 12:13PM

  My two Sons are Godzilla junkies. We are going tomorrow.

Ramgator36June 01, 2019 10:15AM

  I didn't like Godzilla...

JamesJM42June 01, 2019 10:31AM

  Sooooooo. . . . .

RAMbeau44June 02, 2019 06:57AM

  No, not on my 'dislike list'....

JamesJM37June 02, 2019 08:09AM

  Might get your chance

IowaRam55June 02, 2019 12:53PM

  It wasn't that bad. My boys got a kick out of it.

Ramgator35June 03, 2019 09:00AM

  The Japanese Actor, Ken Watanabe. Was HOPING he'd be in the new "Midway"

Ramgator36June 03, 2019 09:03AM