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I don't get that...

June 01, 2019 04:22AM
Seems to me it has nothing to do with either the Rams or the Saints and everything to do with the officials.

in all previous years I've watched the passing league they use only 2 officials per game, and since there are so many games going on at one time not all officials are actually officials... rather they are volunteers. It's just an 'accepted' situation and you get good and bad calls... teams, (with a few exceptions), get a bad call and just move on. You thinking that will change? I don't know.. I doubt it. - JamesJM

  For me football has begun. (High School)

JamesJM54May 31, 2019 11:04AM

  Pass interference ?

waterfield30May 31, 2019 01:17PM


JamesJM29May 31, 2019 04:49PM

  Re: What?

waterfield28May 31, 2019 08:06PM

  I don't get that...

JamesJM27June 01, 2019 04:22AM