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St Louis Blues

May 22, 2019 04:30AM
Ok, just two months ago I vehemently posted that I don't like hockey. Well, I'm still not nuts about the game but I have to tell ya... Frank and I watched the Sharks-Blues game #6 last night on tv. We watched it because 1) the Cardinals baseball game wasn't on tv because the game got postponed due to the weather and 2) we realized that a Blues win would be historic for the city of St Louis.

I understand the basic premise of the game (get the puck into the net) and that's about it. I don't understand the rules of the game or the lingo or anything else. So, during the game, I found a website "Hockey 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Ice Hockey" and would refer to it to find out the meaning of things like icing, power play, hooking, and offsides. It really helped.

I don't like hockey well enough to ever pay for a ticket and watch in person. But I have to say, last night's game was exciting to watch because of the magnitude of it all. To win and go on to the Stanley Cup finals was an absolute thrill for the city of St. Louis so I'm happy for them. They interviewed Brett Hull and some other guy after the game and they said after losing the Rams to L.A., and dealing with Ferguson and so many other issues, this was really nice for the city.

All I could think of afterwards was "not bad for a city that doesn't know how to support its sports teams". Take that, you-know-who.

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  St Louis Blues

MamaRAMa92May 22, 2019 04:30AM

  you might get hooked...........

21Dog54May 22, 2019 04:56AM

  Thanks Dawg. . .

RAMbeau58May 22, 2019 02:34PM

  Those last two games....

JamesJM53May 22, 2019 02:39PM

  What's crazy is. . .

RAMbeau59May 22, 2019 02:48PM


waterfield34May 29, 2019 03:21PM

  My one and only NHL game in person was in St Louis in Dec 1988.

Ramgator60May 22, 2019 05:13AM

  I'm like you Mama. VERY casual fan. I have seen just ONE complete game on TV

Ramgator61May 22, 2019 05:15AM

  If I'm going to root for one of the two....

BlueRidgeHorns63May 23, 2019 02:44AM

  You might enjoy this

waterfield36May 29, 2019 03:30PM