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Postponed?. . .

May 01, 2019 05:08PM
A rain delay? Which would make no sense as I would have to assume it's an indoor pool? Besides, while I know little about ducks, water would roll off their backs the same as real ducks.

How little do I know about ducks?

Well. . . I never heard of those ducks you named. , once, I applied for membership into Ducks Unlimited. . . even paid an unsavory character who said he could get me in. . . no problem. .He photoshoped a picture of me holding a shotgun and that noise thingie you use. I was still rejected.

Good thing I wasn't trying to get into Stanford. LOL


  The rubber duck race was postponed....

JamesJM73May 01, 2019 02:40PM

  Postponed?. . .

RAMbeau73May 01, 2019 05:08PM

  I DON'T KNOW....didn't even think of that...

JamesJM73May 01, 2019 08:18PM

  kinda reminds me of the old Groucho quote

21Dog68May 02, 2019 03:57AM

  LOL...yeah, I remember that... (nm)

JamesJM76May 02, 2019 04:45AM