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The rubber duck race was postponed....

May 01, 2019 02:40PM
I have 5 tickets. Kerman H.S. Swim team was selling them.

Each ticket buys a rubber duck... they are put into the pool... Kerman High swim team members then sit on the edge dangling their legs over the side and splashing. First duck to get to the other side wins.

I haven't as yet learned the name of my duck(s). Nor have I seen them. I'm hoping of the 5 I get at least one Indian Runner Duck but knowing my luck I'll probably get saddled with 5 Buffleheads, whom we all know are the slowest of all duck breeds.

  The rubber duck race was postponed....

JamesJM72May 01, 2019 02:40PM

  Postponed?. . .

RAMbeau73May 01, 2019 05:08PM

  I DON'T KNOW....didn't even think of that...

JamesJM72May 01, 2019 08:18PM

  kinda reminds me of the old Groucho quote

21Dog68May 02, 2019 03:57AM

  LOL...yeah, I remember that... (nm)

JamesJM75May 02, 2019 04:45AM