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Military service

March 08, 2019 09:39AM
In 62-just when the Vietnam war was heating up I was in the Marine Corp's PLC (Platoon Leader Course) and nearing my senior year in college. Had I not gotten sick I would have gone to Quantico for training and been commissioned a 2d Lieutenant upon graduation. Then-of course-to the war in the far east. However, my sickness caused me to miss my finals and that postponed my graduation. The Marine Corps -as a matter of policy-treated my "incompletes" (grades) as F and I lost my status in the USMC. At the time I had a student deferment and upon graduation (one semester after my normal grad date) I married and Barb became pregnant and I received Kennedy's family deferment. Truth be told I have mixed emotions about not serving. OTOH I know the attrition rate of the 2d Lieutenants during that part of that war and the chances are I would never have lived to see my wife, my son grow up, my grand kids, etc. I think about that a lot whenever I visit Wash. DC and visit the Vietnam Memorial down below the Lincoln Memorial-especially late at night if I'm alone.

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  Grandson... may be Western Colorado U.

JamesJM84March 07, 2019 05:51PM

  How very interesting

waterfield34March 07, 2019 07:31PM

  How old is he, Waterfield? And WOW

JamesJM32March 07, 2019 08:17PM

  looked at the seasonal totals for China Peak.......

21Dog29March 08, 2019 04:32AM

  Re: How old is he, Waterfield? And WOW

waterfield36March 08, 2019 09:04AM

  Re: How very interesting

21Dog54March 08, 2019 04:26AM

  Same here, well..the beer anyway, not the baseball...

JamesJM31March 08, 2019 04:46AM

  did you have a low lottery number......

21Dog30March 08, 2019 04:50AM


JamesJM27March 08, 2019 05:05AM

  got mine in either '72 or '73......

21Dog29March 08, 2019 05:14AM

  Military service

waterfield33March 08, 2019 09:39AM

  I know how you feel...

JamesJM30March 08, 2019 10:19AM

  Re: How very interesting

waterfield32March 08, 2019 09:42AM