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Grandson... may be Western Colorado U.

March 07, 2019 05:51PM
My grandson speaks to the coach every few days. He's been accepted to the University.. just no word on the 'offer', at least nothing firm.

If it happens... I'm expecting all of you to be Mountaineer Fans this coming season. - JamesJM

  Grandson... may be Western Colorado U.

JamesJM83March 07, 2019 05:51PM

  How very interesting

waterfield33March 07, 2019 07:31PM

  How old is he, Waterfield? And WOW

JamesJM31March 07, 2019 08:17PM

  looked at the seasonal totals for China Peak.......

21Dog29March 08, 2019 04:32AM

  Re: How old is he, Waterfield? And WOW

waterfield36March 08, 2019 09:04AM

  Re: How very interesting

21Dog54March 08, 2019 04:26AM

  Same here, well..the beer anyway, not the baseball...

JamesJM31March 08, 2019 04:46AM

  did you have a low lottery number......

21Dog30March 08, 2019 04:50AM


JamesJM27March 08, 2019 05:05AM

  got mine in either '72 or '73......

21Dog29March 08, 2019 05:14AM

  Military service

waterfield33March 08, 2019 09:39AM

  I know how you feel...

JamesJM30March 08, 2019 10:19AM

  Re: How very interesting

waterfield32March 08, 2019 09:42AM