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Good for you..

January 09, 2019 06:47AM
Idon't get stuff caught in my esophagus.. After neck surgery sometimes stuff will get caught in my throat, but not a biggie.. My worst issue is when eating ice cream or anything mega cold.. Most people get what they call a "brain freeze".. Considering my brain is micro sized, I never get brain freezes.. but... probably in the same spot you get food stuck, I get an excruciating freeze, like a brain freeze.. its like somebody stabbed me in the chest.. last about 20 seconds, then goes away..

It sucks.. bad.. but will never make me quit eating ice cream.. smiling smiley

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  Esophagus / heart burn advice???

Ramgator42January 08, 2019 01:54PM

  I've been sucking down..

sstrams17January 08, 2019 02:44PM

  Ditto......................kinda sorta

IowaRam17January 08, 2019 03:00PM

  Yeah, ulcers.....

sstrams7January 08, 2019 03:58PM

  King of acid reflux here

ferragamo7917January 08, 2019 04:29PM

  sucks getting old

JoeMad11January 08, 2019 06:26PM

  I did SEVERAL on that list!

Ramgator9January 09, 2019 04:02AM

  Might wanna cut back..

sstrams10January 09, 2019 04:05AM

  Yes. I have already started.

Ramgator11January 09, 2019 06:00AM

  Good for you..

sstrams9January 09, 2019 06:47AM


waterfield15January 08, 2019 06:29PM

  JUST scheduled appt with Gastroastrolololmonopoly DR..... In other words..

Ramgator14January 09, 2019 03:55AM

  Re: JUST scheduled appt with Gastroastrolololmonopoly DR..... In other words..

waterfield13January 09, 2019 06:44AM

  Good Move Gator. . .

RAMbeau13January 09, 2019 08:52AM

  Went well at Dr today.

Ramgator14January 09, 2019 03:26PM