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I did SEVERAL on that list!

January 09, 2019 04:02AM
I know Nov and Dec, I ate like absolute CRAP and had probably too many beverages, BEYOND MICH ULTRAS, SST!! LOL. I know one day, for example, I had Dunkin Donut Munchkins for breakfast, 2 chili dogs for lunch and a CRAP LOAD of pizza for dinner AFTER 7 PM....and a few Vodka and cranberries and beer in between. I woke up from almost upchucking on my pillow. It was REAL close. Had minor attacks 2-3 times that week. I bet anything that screwed up my already messed up esophagus.

ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL probably THE big man's way of telling me...."HEY DIP WAD!! You're 51 and NOT 21!!!!" LOL

  Esophagus / heart burn advice???

Ramgator81January 08, 2019 01:54PM

  I've been sucking down..

sstrams36January 08, 2019 02:44PM

  Ditto......................kinda sorta

IowaRam36January 08, 2019 03:00PM

  Yeah, ulcers.....

sstrams29January 08, 2019 03:58PM

  King of acid reflux here

ferragamo7937January 08, 2019 04:29PM

  sucks getting old

JoeMad33January 08, 2019 06:26PM

  I did SEVERAL on that list!

Ramgator52January 09, 2019 04:02AM

  Might wanna cut back..

sstrams57January 09, 2019 04:05AM

  Yes. I have already started.

Ramgator27January 09, 2019 06:00AM

  Good for you..

sstrams30January 09, 2019 06:47AM


waterfield46January 08, 2019 06:29PM

  JUST scheduled appt with Gastroastrolololmonopoly DR..... In other words..

Ramgator33January 09, 2019 03:55AM

  Re: JUST scheduled appt with Gastroastrolololmonopoly DR..... In other words..

waterfield32January 09, 2019 06:44AM

  Good Move Gator. . .

RAMbeau91January 09, 2019 08:52AM

  Went well at Dr today.

Ramgator31January 09, 2019 03:26PM