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Two offers now in, and we're going through a living hell....

January 09, 2019 05:05PM
I won't bother you with the details, it wouldn't interest you. laughing smiley I'll say this... it's extremely 'complex'. And here comes the 'living hell'....

Decision HAS to be made by day after tomorrow, Friday. Both colleges begin classes on Monday but he wouldn't HAVE to be there until Wednesday.... of next week.

The 2 colleges, with for sure offers, as I mentioned Lake Erie College in Ohio... and Western Colorado University in Gunnison, Co.

Mom is NOT doing well.... to put it mildly. If he chooses either it means her son is gone within days. Mom is a basket-case. The rest of us not much better. - JamesJM

  He got an offer, Greg.. Div II...

JamesJM169January 04, 2019 06:44PM

  just outstanding news

Deadpool78January 04, 2019 07:03PM

  Thanks, Deadpool. He's had other offers...

JamesJM80January 04, 2019 07:55PM


21Dog90January 04, 2019 08:16PM

  Re: He got an offer, Greg.. Div II...

MamaRAMa82January 04, 2019 08:27PM

  If I had to guess, Mama...

JamesJM106January 04, 2019 08:57PM

  Re: He got an offer, Greg.. Div II...

RamsFootballFans.com68January 05, 2019 08:48AM

  POSSIBLE offer coming in from Colorado...

JamesJM54January 06, 2019 01:25PM

  GOOD GRIEF but the politics in playing football...

JamesJM55January 06, 2019 03:41PM

  exciting times for Mason

21Dog48January 06, 2019 04:30PM

  You remember Jas Bains?

JamesJM64January 06, 2019 04:47PM

  Re: GOOD GRIEF but the politics in playing football...

waterfield76January 06, 2019 08:33PM


JamesJM62January 06, 2019 11:18PM

  Re: Mom...

waterfield53January 07, 2019 08:35AM

  That's awesome, Jimmy..

sstrams83January 06, 2019 04:34PM

  Thanks, Steve... as you can easily see....

JamesJM52January 06, 2019 04:53PM

  Did you get to make..

sstrams50January 06, 2019 05:17PM

  My videos are better...

JamesJM58January 06, 2019 05:26PM

  Yeah, I'll bet they are..

sstrams59January 06, 2019 05:30PM

  Man that's a TOUGH one....

JamesJM70January 06, 2019 05:40PM

  Well, I'll tell ya, Jimmy..

sstrams65January 07, 2019 03:19AM

  How well does post stabilization work?

JamesJM60January 07, 2019 04:25AM

  I haven't ever tried it..

sstrams53January 07, 2019 04:42AM

  OH yeah, that would be my guess...

JamesJM80January 07, 2019 05:01AM

  That I don't know..

sstrams61January 07, 2019 05:25AM

  Two offers now in, and we're going through a living hell....

JamesJM94January 09, 2019 05:05PM

  This is stressful.. might be headed to Cleveland this Sunday

JamesJM54January 09, 2019 07:18PM