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Re: Yeah, I dunno exactly what..

January 03, 2019 08:42AM
or how its used or wha tit actually does, but its supposed to chill out muscles in spasm and whatnot and I got a ton of those pretty much from the shoulders up.. She injected just about every muscle in my forehead, temples, over the ears, upper and lower neck etc.. the forehead shots hurt like hell - the rest weren't so bad.. We'll see if there's any improvement - sorry it dd nothing for you.. MY guess right now is it probably won't do much for me, either..

That's a lot of shots!! Are you able to move any muscles right now from the neck up? That sounds so uncomfortable. Maybe I missed something you may have explained in the past about this and you certainly don't have to answer if you don't want to 'cause some folks are sensitive about sharing their health issues. That's totally understandable. But... do you have a specific diagnosis for the cause of your neck problems?


  So, lets talk botox..

sstrams50January 03, 2019 06:13AM

  Re: So, lets talk botox..

IowaRam19January 03, 2019 06:23AM

  Yeah, unfortunately..

sstrams17January 03, 2019 06:40AM

  Re: So, lets talk botox..

MamaRAMa17January 03, 2019 08:03AM

  Yeah, I dunno exactly what..

sstrams16January 03, 2019 08:29AM

  Re: Yeah, I dunno exactly what..

MamaRAMa14January 03, 2019 08:42AM

  I can move 'em..

sstrams16January 03, 2019 09:28AM

  I had 'heard' of this...

JamesJM17January 03, 2019 09:52AM

  Yeah, I have tried..

sstrams17January 03, 2019 10:39AM

  Re: I can move 'em..

JoeMad22January 03, 2019 07:12PM

  Re: Aimovig

NorCalRamFan16January 04, 2019 04:06AM

  NorCal I do have friends..

sstrams12January 04, 2019 05:11AM