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Yeah, unfortunately..

January 03, 2019 06:40AM
Surgery really didn't do me much good.. It might have helped a LITTLE bit - like pain scale 10 is now 9, but I don't really see much difference.. Hopefully this crap helps.. I'll tell ya what DOESN'T help is the weather we've been having.. Rain definitely aggravates it and its been raining off an on for two months here.. hell, it snowing right now, but our dusting doesn't compare to you guy's blizzards lol

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  So, lets talk botox..

sstrams55January 03, 2019 06:13AM

  Re: So, lets talk botox..

IowaRam23January 03, 2019 06:23AM

  Yeah, unfortunately..

sstrams19January 03, 2019 06:40AM

  Re: So, lets talk botox..

MamaRAMa20January 03, 2019 08:03AM

  Yeah, I dunno exactly what..

sstrams19January 03, 2019 08:29AM

  Re: Yeah, I dunno exactly what..

MamaRAMa17January 03, 2019 08:42AM

  I can move 'em..

sstrams20January 03, 2019 09:28AM

  I had 'heard' of this...

JamesJM20January 03, 2019 09:52AM

  Yeah, I have tried..

sstrams21January 03, 2019 10:39AM

  Re: I can move 'em..

JoeMad25January 03, 2019 07:12PM

  Re: Aimovig

NorCalRamFan18January 04, 2019 04:06AM

  NorCal I do have friends..

sstrams15January 04, 2019 05:11AM