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Its not that great, man..

December 18, 2018 03:00PM
I think Mama could do a whole lot better - just leave the hat off and I can add that.... I had you wearing a shirt that said "made with 100% Hemp" but decided maybe you wouldn't appreciate that.. No idea why I put an axe in your hand - it just seemed more fitting than the other stuff they offered.. Anyways, let me know what to do.. of course, by the time I shrink it down, most of the detail isn't visible.. But, I did do a test and the hog hat looks pretty visible shrunk down to the proper size..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..

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  Bucky's Pub Header.. Attachments

sstrams107December 18, 2018 07:40AM

  Re: Bucky's Pub Header..

Arkansas Ram35December 18, 2018 01:31PM

  Ok cool, Arkansas.. oh Mama.....!

sstrams32December 18, 2018 01:55PM

  I made this really fast.. Attachments

sstrams33December 18, 2018 02:22PM

  Oh man, Love it, love it, love it, dream come true..thx

Arkansas Ram20December 18, 2018 02:57PM

  Its not that great, man..

sstrams24December 18, 2018 03:00PM

  Yes it is, to me. Got no words, but Thx...nm

Arkansas Ram20December 18, 2018 03:39PM

  My pleasure, Arkansas..

sstrams25December 19, 2018 04:06AM

  LOL You can put me towards the finger point!!! LOL nm

Ramgator18December 19, 2018 05:11AM

  I put him..

sstrams22December 19, 2018 06:27AM

  Looking good, Steve...

JamesJM23December 18, 2018 01:55PM

  Thanks Jimmy, but I have zero patience..

sstrams27December 18, 2018 01:56PM

  I also added..

sstrams26December 19, 2018 03:45AM

  New header in place, Peeps.....

Ramsrule28December 19, 2018 06:52AM

  Thanks RR..

sstrams22December 19, 2018 06:53AM

  Don't forget Atlantic Ram

ferragamo7928December 19, 2018 08:22AM

  He's the guitarist with..

sstrams28December 19, 2018 08:32AM

  oh cool

ferragamo7925December 19, 2018 11:28AM

  No, that's..

sstrams33December 19, 2018 11:38AM

  Thanks man...nm

Arkansas Ram20December 19, 2018 03:41PM

  100% my pleasure, Arkansas..

sstrams21December 20, 2018 01:24AM

  Re: 100% my pleasure, Arkansas..

MamaRAMa23December 20, 2018 06:55PM

  Thank you, Mama..

sstrams15December 21, 2018 04:53AM

  Thanks man!

Atlantic Ram17December 26, 2018 05:00PM

  Sorry it took so long, Atlantic..

sstrams13January 01, 2019 07:59AM

  Love the band guys being together! nm

Ramgator19December 22, 2018 01:11PM

  Thanks Gator..

sstrams15December 22, 2018 01:30PM

  I'd probably be have to play bass...

Atlantic Ram15December 26, 2018 05:03PM

  Nah, the more the merrier, Atlantic..

sstrams13January 01, 2019 07:58AM

  since you asked

Deadpool26December 25, 2018 02:54PM

  Hey Deadpool..

sstrams19December 25, 2018 03:03PM

  Re: Hey Deadpool..

IowaRam25December 25, 2018 03:27PM


ferragamo7918December 26, 2018 08:09AM

  that'll work brother

Deadpool19December 26, 2018 08:56AM

  Everybody's gonna jump me..

sstrams16December 26, 2018 10:11AM

  What ?!?!?!

IowaRam19December 26, 2018 10:26AM

  I know.. I suck..

sstrams17December 26, 2018 01:08PM

  South park Deadpool Attachments

Deadpool27January 01, 2019 07:34AM

  Deadpool, that's outstanding!

sstrams17January 01, 2019 08:01AM

  Actually I just went to add it..

sstrams16January 01, 2019 08:05AM

  Pretty sweet

IowaRam16January 01, 2019 09:54AM

  Your SouthPark Deadpool character Attachments

MamaRAMa23January 04, 2019 05:16AM

  Mama I had no idea..

sstrams16January 04, 2019 05:57AM

  You are my heavenly peep creator......

Arkansas Ram12January 04, 2019 11:49AM

  You are too kind, Arkansas.......

sstrams12January 04, 2019 01:19PM

  yeah for me,probably imbarse u...lol nm

Arkansas Ram9January 04, 2019 03:01PM

  I'm a tough guy to..

sstrams12January 04, 2019 03:35PM

  I haven't been paying attn to the thread

Deadpool12January 04, 2019 09:17AM

  Ok, no sweat, Deadpool..

sstrams11January 04, 2019 10:03AM

  That's really cool...

Atlantic Ram11December 26, 2018 04:54PM