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Re: Well Dodger fans, this is becoming an annual tradition

October 29, 2018 01:44AM
You are absolutely correct when you say the Dodgers did not hit enough.
Too many guys that did nothing at the plate all offseason or did not produced to their standards.

You named a few but there are more.

Pitching especially the pen held up miraculously until they finally submitted in game 4.

For the Dodgers to win despite those woes everything else would have to be perfect.
When Puig hit that 3 run HR in game 4 I started to believe but immediately after that Roberts made the critical error to take Hill out of the game when he was still rolling along. Had given up just one hit all game long and was coming off a strikeout of Nunez.

With the pen already taxed due to this Game 3 marathon and a LH hitter up anyway there was NO way he should have brought in Alexander (who BTW should not have been on the roster anyway , Caleb should have been who was lights out).

After the following collapse the series was practically over. I was sure we would not win Game 5.
And Kershaw made sure of that . Speaking of:
Guy was fantastic in Dodger blue for a decade during the regular season. In the playoffs ? A JAG.
He obviously no longer has ace stuff. The drop in velocity is hurting him big time. When he has 95 he was able to get away with some mistakes. Not with 90 as shown again by the HRs yesterday.

He still is a Nr. 2 or Nr. 3 starter but not for 30 million/year.
I hope he opts out and the Dodgers use the money elsewhere.

Manny ? Thanks, but no thanks. Underperformed ever since the trade and his lazyness and lack of hustle is not good for team chemistry.
Keep Freese. True professional. Move Muncy to 2b. Kike and CT3 should be utility guys. Find a set lineup and stay with it.
Try to get Realmuto at C. Grandall is not clutch and Barnes a solid backup but nothing else.

Starting pitching next season could be: Buehler, Hill, Maeda, Urias, Ferguson.
Find two hard throwing bullpen guys, one LHP one RHP to accomodate Jansen. Relying on 6 out saves is rediculous.

Go RAms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Well Dodger fans, this is becoming an annual tradition

sacram89October 28, 2018 07:10PM

  couldn't have said that better

21Dog45October 28, 2018 07:28PM

  Re: Well Dodger fans, this is becoming an annual tradition

dodgerram47October 29, 2018 01:44AM

  Freese vs. Manny

21Dog47October 29, 2018 04:40AM

  not saying I love Manny

ferragamo7945October 29, 2018 07:05PM

  I'll take Freese...

sacram50October 29, 2018 07:18PM

  Re: I'll take Freese...

21Dog34October 30, 2018 04:31AM

  apples and oranges

ferragamo7945October 30, 2018 05:25AM

  Oh I understand...

sacram47October 30, 2018 08:16AM

  Re: Well Dodger fans, this is becoming an annual tradition

sacram39October 29, 2018 06:03AM

  Re: Well Dodger fans, this is becoming an annual tradition

waterfield42October 29, 2018 05:02PM

  Re: Well Dodger fans, this is becoming an annual tradition

sacram42October 29, 2018 07:21PM

  Gotta give credit to Boston....they were the best team in baseball

Rampage2K-47October 30, 2018 07:29AM

  agree, 2017 felt much worse

LMU9335October 30, 2018 08:48AM

  Talk about missing an opportunity..

sstrams35October 30, 2018 09:06AM

  Clearly (nm)

waterfield34October 30, 2018 02:01PM

  I come at this from a different perspective

LMU9349October 30, 2018 08:58AM

  In hindsight...

sacram45October 30, 2018 02:24PM