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AWESOME day yesterday!

October 07, 2018 02:50AM
My Son did a good job driving down HWY 301 to Ocala. I did have to remind him a time or two to watch his speed. LOTS of small towns with fluctuating speed limits. I do love the drive down 301 though. Fat Boys BBQ?? What a time warp that place is. Even approaching it on Silver Springs Blvd, I still recalled the large Oak trees in the median from 1974. Fat Boys looks EXACTLY the same. Our service was a tad slow but not bad. It gave me time to just look around and think back and think of Mom, Dad and my Brother. My Pork sandwich did not have a speck of fat in it and it was piled high and tender. AWESOME lunch!! From Ocala to Gainesville, I drove because getting around and parking can be tricky in Gainesville. Also, I wanted too veer off on HWY 441 so the boys could see Payne's Prairie. It's a vast open area that will remind you of the Midwest, that is JUST South of Gainesville. The game??? It was the loudest I have heard The Swamp in over 20 years. The place was packed! And the Gators shocked everyone. My youngest loves the new between 3rd and 4th qtr tradition in The Swamp....EVERYONE sings Tom Petty's (Gainesville guy) "I Won't Back Down". It is cool! On the way home, we hit the McD's drive through in Starke, Florida, It was a long wait but I did not mind. I sorta didn't want the day to end anyway. Yes...Yesterday was very good!

  Going to Gator game today. The things I do being so retro.

Ramgator59October 06, 2018 03:30AM

  Have a good time, Gator-ade!

sstrams31October 06, 2018 08:06AM

  Sounds like a great day...

JamesJM38October 06, 2018 08:19AM

  I'm watching the game. . .

RAMbeau42October 06, 2018 11:16AM

  Ha !!!! WRONG!!!

Ramgator32October 07, 2018 02:39AM

  Re: Going to Gator game today. The things I do being so retro.

MamaRAMa50October 06, 2018 11:23AM

  AWESOME day yesterday!

Ramgator39October 07, 2018 02:50AM

  Re: AWESOME day yesterday!

RAMbeau35October 07, 2018 03:47AM

  Speaking of which...

MamaRAMa34October 07, 2018 04:44AM

  congrats on a great day

21Dog35October 07, 2018 05:53AM