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I want to see "The Fog" done again. DONE RIGHT!!!

June 09, 2018 03:51AM
The one that was done about 12 years ago was TERRIBLE! It had ZERO atmosphere. 38 years later, the original is still among my favs . It relied on good atmosphere and NOT CGI effects or gore. Even the music from the original was good, from John Carpenter's score or the Jazz from the Lighthouse. Like so often the case the past 25 - 30 years, nothing kills a spooky setting like a sound track of Rock, Hip Hop or Boy Band crap.

I knew the last remake was gonna be bad when I rented it at Blockbuster and the guy at the counter told me...."Just don't come back here asking for 2 hours of your life back." He was wrong. I never finished the movie.

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IowaRam81June 08, 2018 10:44PM

  I want to see "The Fog" done again. DONE RIGHT!!!

Ramgator80June 09, 2018 03:51AM

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Ramgator71June 09, 2018 03:52AM

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IowaRam76June 12, 2018 04:06AM

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ferragamo7965June 26, 2018 07:33AM

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IowaRam78June 26, 2018 07:29AM