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Halloween Trailer

June 08, 2018 05:45AM
He's back !!!

The original Halloween is like one of my favorite movies of all times

but just the original , Halloween II , was OK , but after that......................

So yes , my excitement is through the roof for this but , my expectations are , well , a little lower , I still have a wait and see attitude

I do like how this movie is a direct sequel to the original , meaning , Halloween II thru Halloween XXiV never happened

And I also like how their NOT making Michael Myers the brother of Laurie Strode

The part I liked the best of the original movie was that Michael Myers was just some normal kid who lived on some normal street in some normal neighbor hood , it could have been anybody , it could have been your street , and they don't explain it at all , which is what Rob Zombies version totally ruined

to much information can ruin a good mystery

I have to say , the trailer looks good , my one main fear is that , like most all sequel , it will give out to much back story , which is the one thing I don't want , leave Michael Myers to the unknown , leave some mystery please , I don't need everything explained to me

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  Shane Black is directing this new movie

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