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You are NOT a bad dog owner. . .

April 15, 2018 10:25AM
A bad dog owner abuses pets.

Now, understand, I'm not a "dog whisperer" but it just seems to me that you should retrain it using . . . say. . . a ball.

Isn't it funny how dogs have a time piece in their heads. Our dog, Juneau, has two "timed" moments involving me. The first is that she knows when it's time that I eat dinner and that when I do, I give her little bits of chicken That's when the first alarm clock goes off and when the time comes around, she starts pestering me. . . looking up at me and saying "aren't you going to eat now." LOL

Her second "moment" is at 9:30 p.m., exactly to the second, Strange as it may sound, at that moment it's time for her to go into her crate for the night because she gets a treat when she gets in. Strange that at that moment, she WANTS to get locked up for the night. So she's pretty much saying 'LOCK ME UP. . .LOCK ME UP" Go figure.


  I am a bad dog owner.....

73Ram114April 15, 2018 09:04AM

  Play with her all you can....

sstrams79April 15, 2018 09:46AM

  Re: Play with her all you can....

IowaRam71April 15, 2018 09:59AM

  Re: Play with her all you can....

73Ram62April 15, 2018 10:17AM

  Prayers and best wishes

Atlantic Ram50April 15, 2018 02:27PM

  Thanks Atlantic...

sstrams53April 16, 2018 09:26AM

  One of my biggest regrets

Atlantic Ram57April 16, 2018 11:23AM

  That's kind of what happened to me..

sstrams48April 16, 2018 12:06PM

  You are NOT a bad dog owner. . .

RAMbeau68April 15, 2018 10:25AM

  Re: You are NOT a bad dog owner. . .

73Ram60April 15, 2018 10:38AM


MamaRAMa69April 15, 2018 07:33PM

  Re: Juneau

73Ram65April 16, 2018 07:20AM

  Me too evidently

Atlantic Ram57April 15, 2018 02:34PM

  With my apologies to '73....

sstrams58April 16, 2018 04:26AM

  Re: With my apologies to '73....

MamaRAMa56April 16, 2018 04:29AM

  Re: With my apologies to '73....

73Ram47April 16, 2018 07:15AM

  I'll make you a steak anytime, '73...

sstrams43April 16, 2018 09:24AM

  Hang in there man...nm

Arkansas Ram52April 18, 2018 11:27AM

  Thanks Arkansas....

sstrams52April 18, 2018 12:35PM

  Re: Thanks Arkansas....

73Ram50April 18, 2018 04:01PM

  Its heartbreaking..

sstrams51April 19, 2018 02:54AM