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Know what I miss, Steve?

March 12, 2018 11:10AM
Through the 60's, 70's, 80's, and into the 90's.... it was common for me to sit in on jam sessions. Mix of various band musicians usually... just guys who wanted to get together and play. Some impromptu stuff like when a few of us would just happen to meet at the music store.

Some of the most amazing music sessions took place at these jams but I can't remember the last time I participated in one.

A couple of years ago I wrote on this board about a friend of mine who passed away... fellow musician, also a drummer. He and I were born, raised, and stayed in our small local town. Same class in school. He was in my first band. When I got out of the Army he was playing Vegas and just starting up a band that stayed together all these years... they still play today, in fact. I went from band to band but I never again played in a band, regularly, with him. HOWEVER... best of friends we attended many functions where either his band or mine was playing.

GREAT times, when that happened. We'd spell each other... he'd play, then I'd play, off and on all night. We played in many jams together... I remember I once bought some conga's and for about a month he'd come to my home and we'd sit in my office and jam together for hours.... literally HOURS. Our wives were good about it.. they knew it was in our blood and trying to change us would either a) kill the marriage or b) kill us. laughing smiley Many times we would go straight from the Conga's out to our respective fields to drive tractor for the day.

Today I actually 'somewhat' have that opportunity again. My cousin, who plays in my current band, and I are about the same age... and we're both tired. laughing smiley He's a 'western' guy, which is not my thing even though I do love it.... and he knows every old western song ever written. He also knows every cattle rancher west of the Mississippi River... and he often plays music for their get-togethers, solo. He and I have been discussing.... retiring and then just traveling all over the west playing at various ranches, campgrounds, rodeos, etc. Not for the money. I have an old drum kit I'd use... minimalist. Kick, Snare, Hi-Hat, One Tom, One ride cymbal... and most of it 'connected... I can pack and set up in about 5 minutes. Toss it in the horse trailer and leave it there. Always handy. laughing smiley - Jimmy

  Hey sstrams... band gig tomorrow, Saturday....

JamesJM188March 09, 2018 08:59AM

  And another topic, Jet Fly-Overs...

JamesJM106March 09, 2018 09:29AM

  Same thing here near NAS Jax about 2 weeks ago.

Ramgator118March 09, 2018 10:59AM

  Just out of curiosity. . . .

RAMbeau90March 10, 2018 06:34AM

  For the most part, yes...

JamesJM81March 10, 2018 07:22AM

  I'd like to weigh in on that one... Attachments

sstrams95March 10, 2018 01:31PM

  Awesome! Have a great show...

sstrams98March 10, 2018 09:43AM

  Gig Report....

JamesJM106March 11, 2018 08:08AM


sstrams83March 11, 2018 01:25PM

  Just between you and I.....

JamesJM89March 11, 2018 01:56PM

  Totally understand..

sstrams93March 12, 2018 10:22AM

  Know what I miss, Steve?

JamesJM88March 12, 2018 11:10AM

  Just jam, Jimmy.. just jam...

sstrams75March 13, 2018 02:43AM