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Re: Just incredible... and help me out here....

March 06, 2018 06:30PM
The Gus and Pea conversation about the Buffalo... there was more to that but the exact quote is not coming to mind... sadly. Something akin to this, but this ain't it.

Gus comments on Pea's marital status to which Pea replies something like, "I don't believe I'd chase buffalo even if I was a married man".

Again, thanks for that...- JamesJM

Gus McCrae : [Looking at a herd of buffalo, such as hadn't been seen in Texas for many years] Pretty, ain't they?
Pea Eye Parker : I reckon
Gus McCrae : Let's chase 'em. You want to?
Pea Eye Parker : Shoot us one for our supper?
Gus McCrae : No, I mean chase 'em just for the sport of it
Pea Eye Parker : to run them off?
Gus McCrae : You don't get the point, do you Pea? I mean chase 'em, because before long, there won't be any buffalo left TO chase
Pea Eye Parker : Them bulls 'll hook you. D'you remember ol' man Barlow? A buffalo hooked him bad
Gus McCrae : Old man Barlow was a slow thinker, kinda like somebody else I could name
Pea Eye Parker : Well he was a slow walker, too, after that buffalo got through with him. Wonder what ever happened to him...
Gus McCrae : He married a fat widow over on the Blanco River, and had a passel of kids. Now you might as well have done the same thing yourself, since you don't want to chase buffalo
Pea Eye Parker : Well I don't believe I'd want to chase buffalo even if I was married
Gus McCrae : Forget I even mentioned it, Pea
Pea Eye Parker : Well, I like bein' a bachelor, Gus
Gus McCrae : That's good, Pea; I'm sure it's all part of god's plan that You ARE one




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  Lonesome Dove

zn229March 05, 2018 10:11PM

  For this, thanks...

JamesJM88March 05, 2018 11:22PM

  Great story

zn73March 06, 2018 04:18PM

  Re: Lonesome Dove

Billy_T84March 06, 2018 06:37AM

  IMO-the finest tv series ever (nm)

waterfield76March 06, 2018 07:14AM

  Better than Gilligan's Island?

JamesJM81March 06, 2018 10:12AM

  The Lonesome Dove mini-series franchise

MamaRAMa81March 06, 2018 12:19PM

  Re: The Lonesome Dove mini-series franchise

Billy_T86March 06, 2018 01:35PM

  Re: The Lonesome Dove mini-series franchise

MamaRAMa89March 06, 2018 02:30PM

  Re: The Lonesome Dove mini-series franchise

Billy_T81March 08, 2018 05:01AM

  most quotable series ever

zn94March 06, 2018 04:45PM

  Just incredible... and help me out here....

JamesJM96March 06, 2018 04:50PM

  Re: Just incredible... and help me out here....

zn90March 06, 2018 06:30PM

  That type of common language stuns me, and often...

JamesJM95March 06, 2018 07:28PM

  Re: Lonesome Dove

waterfield80March 06, 2018 06:41PM