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Re: That's simply not true

March 05, 2018 09:44PM
As my dog's Vet. says: Cocker spaniels have a capacity to kill but it's the Pit that exercises that capacity far far far more than any other breed. And yes-dog owners are instrumental in a dogs behavior. But I have known of far too many Pit attacks whose owners took the utmost care and training of their dog only to be crushed when they had to put their dog down.

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  Pitbulls and Heart Monitors....

Arkansas Ram249March 05, 2018 04:26AM

  Sorry about your incident

Drew2839123March 05, 2018 07:34AM

  Didn't know you had a Shepherd

IowaRam105March 05, 2018 07:36AM

  Re: Didn't know you had a Shepherd

Arkansas Ram113March 05, 2018 12:53PM

  So you had a real Cardiac Event

IowaRam97March 05, 2018 03:04PM


Arkansas Ram104March 05, 2018 04:00PM

  Re: Pitbulls and Heart Monitors....

waterfield117March 05, 2018 12:07PM


Arkansas Ram97March 05, 2018 01:19PM

  Glad you are safe

Atlantic Ram104March 11, 2018 01:11AM

  That's simply not true

Drew2839107March 05, 2018 04:47PM

  Re: That's simply not true

waterfield108March 05, 2018 09:44PM

  If you look at the statistics, sure

Drew2839119March 07, 2018 09:59AM

  Such an abused breed

Atlantic Ram93March 11, 2018 12:47AM

  crazy....did you keep the stogie Attachments

ferragamo79129March 05, 2018 04:19PM

  LOL.......swallowed it...........no but

Arkansas Ram120March 06, 2018 03:04AM

  Just happened a few months ago, to my niece...

JamesJM93March 05, 2018 06:36PM

  How does this happen?

Atlantic Ram113March 10, 2018 03:20AM